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Yes. We are the same people. We rebranded to to make it more clear what we do!

How do I set up my old WiFi router on the remote end of the bridge?

You can repurpose a WiFi router to use for your WiFi at your remote location. You will plug the ethernet cable coming from the LAN port of the remote locations power brick into the WAN/Internet port of the repurposed router. It should already be configured to DHCP and should grab an IP address off your[…]

If I can’t connect to HSKPTP what do I need to do?

There is a LAN port in the power block that the transmitter plugs into. You can plug that into your network be that a switch, hub, router, or wireless access point. You would then connect to what ever SSID your wireless access point is useing.

How many ethernet ports on each NanoStation?

There is one ethernet port on each NanoStation. That port connects to the POE ethernet port on the included power block and there is another ethernet port on the power block that you can connect to a router, switch or computer

What is the login username and password for the web user interface?

NOTE: You do NOT need to log into these units to get them to initially work. If you are having issues please contact us before you log in. HSK-PTP-NS-L5AC-WPS and HSK-PTP-NS-L5AC-NPS username: ubnt password: ubiquiti2020 Station fallback IP address is Access Point fallback IP address is SSID: HSKPTP WPA KEY: is unique to each kit HSK-PTP-NS-LocoM900 and HSK-PTP-NS-LocoM2 username: ubnt password: ubntubnt[…]