Ubiquiti NanoStation LocoAC (HSK-PTP-LOCOAC-CC) Custom Configured Unit


  • Add another Station to your Ubiquiti NanoStation LocoAC Preconfigured Point to Point Wireless Bridge Kit HSK-PTP-NS-L5AC-WPS or HSK-PTP-NS-L5AC-NPS
  • ***NOTE*** If you are adding this unit to an existing kit that has only 1 station, you will need to do some configuring of your existing units to make it point to multi-point so you can add more stations.

  • Both Stations will need a line of sight to the Access Point. (Don’t worry we label the units)
  • If you have an HSK Ubiquiti NanoStation LocoAC Preconfigured Point to Point Wireless Bridge Kit already, just add the WPA Key included with your existing kit to the Custom WPA KEY box at check out. We’ll use that to configure the unit to work with your existing kit.
  • Need a unit configured as a Wireless Access Point? Just check the Configure Custom Configured Unit as a Wireless Access Point box at check out. We’ll get you an indoor outdoor Wireless Access Point ready to go. Feel free to add a Custom SSID(wireless network name) as well as a Custom WPA KEY as well!

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The Wireless Bridge Store went with industry-leading Ubiquiti for a good reason. Their transmitters offer superior price, performance and configuration options that make computer geeks smile. Most of all, their security is top-notch and second to none. What goes across this wireless bridge stays secure and private.

These outdoor wireless transmitters are made to last and can handle anything mother nature throws at them. Did we mention easy to set up and use? Seriously, you don’t even have to know which unit is which, it doesn’t matter. Plus with your unique serial number included with each kit you have access to our website and support.  

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