Ubiquiti LTU Rocket 360° Omni Antenna With LTU-Lite CPE (HSK-PTMP-LTUROCKET-360-LTULITE)


Ubiquiti LTU Rocket (LTU-Rocket-US) radio with the airMAX Omni’s(AMO-5G13) create a powerful, 360° omnidirectional base station. This seamless integration gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.


  • SHARE YOUR INTERNET: Share your local network with all of your buildings without having to dig trenches and run wire! Finally, the Internet in the shop for email and youtube.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Just plug one ethernet cable into your Local Area Network and the included power/LAN brick, and the other ethernet cable which supports Power over Ethernet into the Ubiquiti LTU ROCKET and the LTU-LITE-US. Point them at each other. That’s It!
  • NO CONFIGURATION NEEDED: We did all the hard work. Each pair is expertly configured in Transparent Bridge Mode with a randomly generated unique WPA Key. Once they are connected, the remote buildings are now on your local network.
  • ONE INTERNET BILL: Stop paying your ISP for a separate Internet connection for your other buildings. Connect them with this outdoor wireless bridge to your main building and save!
  • LONG DISTANCE HIGH SPEED: This LTU Kit uses the 5GHz band. With a clear line of sight, these transmitters can create a wireless bridge miles apart! These wireless network extenders are capable of speeds up to 900 Mbps.
  • WHICH WIRELESS BRIDGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU: Check our Chart or Contact us and let us know your project goals, and we’ll help you decide.

Not sure where to place your units or how high to place them? Try checking out your location with Ubiquiti’s tools Or LigoWave’s tools  or we can do it for you. Just contact us.




Ubiquiti LTU Rocket(LTU-Rocket-US) 5GHz BAND – The Wireless Bridge Store went with industry-leading Ubiquiti for a good reason. Their transmitters offer superior price, performance, and configuration options that make computer geeks smile. Most of all, their security is top-notch and second to none. What goes across this wireless bridge stays secure and private.

This outdoor wireless LTU Rocket With Next-Gen 2×2 Dual Polarity MIMO Omni Antenna(AMO-5G13) and LTU-Lite(LTU-LITE-US) CPE are made to last and can handle anything mother nature throws at them. Did we mention that it is easy to set up and use? Each wireless bridge has a unique random WPA KEY and a randomly generated unique SSID. Have any questions? Contact us!


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