LigoWave Point to Multi Point Outdoor Wireless Bridge Kit (WBS-PTMP-LW-5AC-ARC360)


LigoWave Point to Multi Point Wireless Bridge

  • WORKS WITH STARLINK: Our LigoWave wireless bridge work with Starlink. This is the bridge kit that can share your Starlink installation with all of your buildings properly.
  • SHARE YOUR INTERNET: Share your local network with your buildings without digging trenches and running wire! Finally, the Internet is in the shop for email and youtube.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Just plug one ethernet cable into your Local Area Network and the included power/LAN brick, and the other ethernet cable, which supports Power over Ethernet, into the LigoWave DLB-5AC and the LigoWave LigoDLB 5-15AC. Point them at each other. That’s It!
  • NO CONFIGURATION NEEDED: We did all the hard work. Each kit is expertly configured in Bridge Mode with a randomly generated unique WPA Key and a randomly generated unique SSID. Once they are connected, the remote building is on your local network.
  • ONE INTERNET BILL: Stop paying your ISP for a separate Internet connection for your other buildings. Connect them with this outdoor wireless bridge to your main building and save!
  • LONG DISTANCE HIGH SPEED: The LigoWave DLB-5AC and LigoDLB 5-15AC use the 5GHz band. With a clear line of sight, these transmitters can create a wireless bridge  miles apart! These wireless network extenders are capable of speeds of 500+ Mbps throughput.
  • WHICH WIRELESS BRIDGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU: Check our Chart or Contact us and let us know your project goals, and we’ll help you decide.
  • NOTE: Stations need to be within a 360° field of view of the Access Point(WBS-PTMP-LW-5AC-ARC360)

This product is a wireless bridge kit designed for outdoor use, providing high-speed, long-range wireless connectivity. It features advanced features such as 5GHz 802.11AC support and 360-degree coverage.

Not sure where to place your units or how high to place them? Try checking out your location with Ubiquiti’s tools Or LigoWave’s tools  or we can do it for you. Just contact us.


LigoWave Point to Multi PointWireless Bridge

LigoWave Point to Multi Point Wireless Bridge is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that can help you share your Internet with all of your buildings. The LigoWave Wireless Bridge kit includes everything you need to connect your Starlink system to multiple buildings properly, and it’s easy to set up and use. With the LigoWave Wireless Bridge, you’ll be able to extend your Internet to all of your buildings, ensuring that everyone has access to high-speed internet. And because the LigoWave Wireless Bridge is so easy to use, you’ll be able to get started sharing your Internet connection with all of your buildings in no time. So if you’re looking for an easy way to share your Internet connection with all of your buildings, the LigoWave Wireless Bridge is the perfect solution.

The LigoWave PTMP Outdoor Wireless Bridge Kit is the perfect solution for providing reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity in outdoor environments.

This kit includes a LigoWave access point, and antenna designed to provide up to 360° coverage.

The radios feature a rugged, weatherproof design that is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. The kit also includes PoE injectors, mounting brackets, and power cords.

With the LigoWave PTMP Outdoor Wireless Bridge Kit, you can easily create a reliable, high-speed wireless bridge that is capable of providing coverage up to 1km.

This kit is perfect for providing wireless connectivity in outdoor environments, such as parks, campgrounds, and other remote locations.


LigoWave LigoDLB 5-15AC Radio

The LigoWave LigoDLB 5-15AC Radio is a 5 GHz high-capacity wireless device. It features 500+ Mbps throughput – a result of a powerful hardware platform with 802.11ac technology-based radio and a proprietary data transmission protocol (iPoll). Incorporating a QCA 9563 CPU (750 MHz), a QCA 9882 radio and 64 MBytes of RAM, and 16 MBytes of flash memory, the LigoDLB 5-15 ac series devices are an ideal solution for capacity-demanding applications.

State-of-the-art RF design with great output power and sensitivity parameters improves range and capacity over the highest modulation – 256 QAM. The 24V Gigabit Ethernet port (passive PoE) allows utilizing the full capacity of the radio when used in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network design. LigoDLB ac series devices are backward compatible with LigoDLB devices using iPoll mode, which helps to expand or upgrade existing networks using the latest technologies over time.

Antenna Type

Integrated dual-polarized directional panel antenna Gain 15 dBi

Wired Interface

10/100/1000 Base-T, RJ45

Physical Dimensions

158 mm (6.2 ‘’), 97 mm (3.8 ‘’), 38 mm (1.5 ‘’) Weight 185 g (0.4 lb) Mounting Pole mounting bracket included


Power supply 24 VDC passive PoE (AC to 24 VDC adapter is included in the package) Power source 100 – 240 VAC Power consumption (max) 10 W

Environmental Operating temperature

-40°C (-40 F) ~ +65°C (+149 F) Humidity 0 ~ 90 % (non-condensing)

Antenna specifications

Frequency range 5.1 – 5.9 GHz

Gain 15 dBi

Polarization Dual linear

Cross-pol Isolation 21 dBi

VSWR <1.4

Azimuth beamwidth (H pol) 35 deg

Azimuth beamwidth (V pol) 35 deg

Elevation beamwidth 35 deg

LigoWave LigoDLB 5-15AC Data Sheet

LigoWave LigoDLB 5-15AC User Guide

ARC Wireless ARC-OA5813SD1 ARCFlex 5.1-5.9GHz 13dBi Dual Pol Omni

    2×2 Dual Polarity MIMO omnidirectional antenna
  • 360 Degree Coverage
  • High gain, low cost circuit design
  • Manufactured under strict US quality control procedures
  • Low profile and rugged design for outdoor use

LigoWave DLB-5AC 5 GHz PTMP Radio, 500+ Mbps, Ext. ant.

Cost-Effective Wireless Device with External Antenna Support

Equipped with a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio, and 64MB RAM/16MB Flash Memory, the LigoDLB 5ac brings efficiency to the next level.

The state-of-the-art RF design with N connectors for external antennas delivers great output power, improves range, and enables capacity over 256QAM.

+500Mbps of throughput—the result of a powerful hardware platform with an 802.11ac technology-based radio and the iPoll proprietary data transmission protocol.

The LigoDLB ac Series is backward-compatible with LigoDLB using iPoll, extending the lifetime of DLB devices and making network expansion and upgrading straightforward and inexpensive.

Additional information

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Number of Stations in your kit

10 Stations, 11 Stations, 12 Stations, 13 Stations, 14 Stations, 5 Stations, 6 Stations, 7 Stations, 8 Stations, 9 Stations, 1 Station, 2 Stations, 3 Stations, 4 Stations

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