Hana Wireless HW-SA58-17-65-DP KEY FEATURES:

Looking for a high-performance sector antenna? Discover the Hana Wireless HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna, designed to deliver exceptional coverage and signal strength. With its advanced technology and precise beamforming capabilities, this antenna offers reliable connectivity for wireless networks. Whether you’re expanding your network or enhancing existing coverage, the HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna is a reliable choice for efficient and seamless communication. Explore its features and unleash the power of strong and stable wireless connections.


  • Frequency Range: 5.1-5.9 GHz
  • Gain: 17 dBi
  • Beam: 65° Horizontal
  • Polarization: Dual Pol
  • Antenna Connection: N Female

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Hana Wireless HW-SA58-17-65-DP

Introducing the Hana Wireless HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna, a cutting-edge solution for boosting wireless network performance. This high-gain antenna is engineered to provide exceptional coverage and reliable signal strength, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Featuring advanced beamforming technology, the HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna precisely focuses the wireless signal, minimizing interference and maximizing the efficiency of data transmission. This ensures that your network experiences enhanced throughput, improved range, and reduced latency.

The HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna boasts a robust construction designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Its durable and weather-resistant housing ensures optimal performance even in harsh outdoor environments. With a wide operating frequency range, this antenna is compatible with various wireless standards, allowing for seamless integration into your network infrastructure.

This sector antenna offers a generous 65-degree beamwidth, enabling broad coverage of your desired area. Whether you need to provide connectivity to a large outdoor space, a campus, or a remote location, the HW-SA58-17-65-DP is up to the task.

Installation and deployment of the HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna are hassle-free. It comes with standard mounting hardware, making it easy to secure to poles or brackets. Additionally, its lightweight design simplifies handling and positioning during installation.

With the Hana Wireless HW-SA58-17-65-DP sector antenna, you can achieve reliable and high-speed wireless connections, enabling seamless data transfer, video streaming, VoIP calls, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. Enhance your network performance and experience a new level of efficiency with this exceptional sector antenna.


  • 5GHz Wi-Fi system This is the perfect 5Ghz solution for the LigoWave DLB-NFT-2AC-O
  • Wireless digital, Image transmission
  • Wireless public hotspot coverage
  • Dual band operation


Frequency: 5150-5850 MHz
Bandwidth: 700 MHz
Gain: 17 dBi
Vertical Beam: 10°
Horizontal Beam: 65°
F/B Ratio: ≥23
VSWR: ≤2.0
Impedance-Ω:: 50
Isolation: ≥23
Polarization: Vertical/Horizontal
Max Power: 20 W
Connector: N Female/N Female
Dimensions: 17.9’x5.39’x1.18’ inches
Weight: 1.76 lbs.
Mast Diameter: Φ1.57” to 2.56” inches

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