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How To Factory Reset Ubiquiti NanoStations

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In this video, we’ll show you how to factory reset Ubiquiti NanoStations back to factory defaults. This is useful if you need to reconfigure the device. This will NOT make your wireless bridge work. It will break your wireless bridge. This is only to be done if you know how to reconfigure your units or if we are telling you to for some reason.

Now That You Know How To Factory Reset Ubiquiti NanoStations

Need some new configuration files now that you have nuked your units and want a point-to-point wireless bridge?

We have you covered!

For those who want to learn how to configure your own units, check out the configuration slides they are free. If anyone wants to skip to the uploading part, you can purchase unique configuration files already done for you!

For those that don’t want to do any of it, you can have us do it over zoom! Need files for another type of unit? Like, say, a LocoM5, NanoStationM2, or NanoStationM5, contact us, and we can make that happen for you! We are not limited to those units either.

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