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Connect Your DoorBird Without Cable Never Dig Again

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Doorbird is an innovative product that allows you to connect your home to your smartphone, allowing you to answer and open your door from anywhere. But what if you want to avoid going through the hassle of digging a trench and running an ethernet cable?

Well, luckily, there is a way to connect your Doorbird without any digging. Introducing LigoWave wireless bridge kits from Wireless Bridge Store.

What Are LigoWave Wireless Bridge Kits?

Wireless bridge kits allow users to connect two or more devices without running Ethernet cables. They provide reliable internet access without worrying about cables getting in the way.

Plus, they are easy to install and provide secure connections with encryption for maximum security.

How Do They Work?

LigoWave wireless bridges use radio waves to transmit data from one point to another, allowing for a secure connection between your Doorbird and your home’s router.

The kit includes two radios that are easy to mount on the walls of your home or office. Once the equipment is set up, you can connect your Doorbird to the wireless bridge without any digging or running of cables.

Advantages of Using LigoWave Wireless Bridges For Doorbird

Using a wireless bridge kit provides several advantages over traditional Ethernet cable setups. For starters, they are much easier to install and don’t require any trenching or running of cables. They are secure, providing encryption and better performance than traditional Wi-Fi setups.

LigoWave wireless bridge kits are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, making them perfect for connecting your Doorbird intercom system without having to dig a trench! With these kits, you can easily create a long-range point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection without any wiring or cabling required.

The included mounting brackets make installation easy while also allowing you to mount the device on poles to maximize reception range securely. The devices feature adjustable antennae that allow you to customize your connection depending on the environment and application. Additionally, each kit comes with a PoE injector which allows you to power the device via an Ethernet cable rather than a power supply. All of these features make LigoWave wireless bridges perfect for use with Doorbirds!

Connect Doorbird Intercom Without Running Cable | LigoWave Wireless Bridge Kit

If you’re looking for a simple way to connect your Doorbird intercom system without digging trenches or running wires, look no further than Wireless Bridge Store’s selection of LigoWave wireless bridge kits!

These kits are easy to install and provide secure connections with encryption, random WPA keys, and SSID for maximum security. And with their adjustable antennae and included PoE injectors, they are perfect for applications like connecting Doorbirds!

So don’t wait – head over to Wireless Bridge Store today and get started connecting your Doorbird intercom system right away!


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