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Best Wireless Bridge For Starlink IN STOCK NOW

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Best Wireless Bridge For Starlink? Looking for a secure way to get your Starlink Internet from your clear sky installation site back to your house? Or are you needing a way to connect another building on your property with Starlink securely?

A Wireless Bridge is the perfect solution! With one of our wireless ethernet bridge kits, you can easily connect your Starlink router at its clear line of sight location with your house or where ever you need the internet service, without running any ethernet cable.

Plus, our wireless bridge kits have everything you need to get started – including an easy-to-follow installation guide. So you can be up and running in no time at all.

Our LigoWave Wireless Bridge Kits offer the best in wireless bridge technology. The kit includes two devices that are specifically designed to be used as part of a point-to-point, outdoor bridge system. When you only need to connect two buildings.

PTP link

Need to connect multiple buidlings? If you have three or more buildings to connect try our LigoWave PTMP Wireless Bridge Kits.

90° field of view

Have locations in every direction? Try our LigoWave PTMP 360° kit.

360° ptmp

The antenna design ensures maximum range and performance and the built-in auto channel selection ensures optimal link throughput even when there are competing signals in the vicinity.

Plus, our advanced security features ensure that your connection is always secure. Installation is easy. Just two devices and a few cables.

The included quick start guide has step-by-step instructions that make it simple to get connected. Once the bridge system is up, you’ll be able to access all of the Starlink services with no additional equipment or programming required.

Best Wireless Bridge For Starlink

If you’re looking for a secure way to connect your Starlink installation site back to your house or another building, consider ordering one of our LigoWave Wireless Bridge Kits today!

With everything included in the kit, plus easy-to-follow instructions, you can be up and running in no time at all – so don’t wait! Get connected with one of our wireless bridge kits today!


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