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100 (Mostly) Funny WiFi Network Names You Can Use Now

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Funny WiFi Network Names. Your Wi-Fi network name is like a digital signature that represents your personality and sense of humor. Choosing a unique and funny wireless network name is a great way to express your creativity and add a touch of fun to your home or office network.

To help you come up with some witty and humorous Wi-Fi names, we’ve compiled a list of 100 funny wireless network names that are sure to make your friends and family smile. From pop culture references to puns and wordplays, there’s something for everyone on this list. These would go great with your new wireless access point.

So whether you want to entertain your guests or simply make your Wi-Fi name stand out, check out these funny wireless network names and pick the one that best reflects your personality.

Funny WiFi Network Names 1
  1. Wi-Fi Fo Fum
  2. TellMyWifiLoveHer
  3. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  4. Wu Tang LAN
  5. The Promised LAN
  6. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  7. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  8. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  9. Girls Gone Wireless
  10. The LAN Before Time
  11. Yell “PENIS” for Password
  12. It Hurts When IP
  13. I’m Under Your Bed
  14. Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
  15. Silence of the LANs
  16. The Net starring Sandra Bullock
  17. Connecto ergo sum
  18. Click Here for Viruses
  19. This Wi-Fi Is Infected
  20. The LAN Down Under
  21. 2 Girls, 1 Router
  22. It’s a Small World Wide Web
  23. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  24. Get Your Own Wi-Fi
  25. Look Ma, No Wires!
  26. Drop it Like it’s Hotspot
  27. Abraham Linksys
  28. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  29. Wi-Fi So Serious?
  30. Super Thanks for Asking
  31. I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi
  32. You’re AllNoobs
  33. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  34. The Wi-Fi Awakens
  35. I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wi-Fi
  36. Dialup Internet
  37. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  38. NotTheDroidsYouAreLookingFor
  39. A LANister Never Forgets
  40. The Wireless-G Spot
  41. C:Virus.exe
  42. Drop and Give Me 20
  43. I’m Watching You Now
  44. Network Not Found
  45. You Shall Not Password
  46. Enter Wireless
  47. My Own Damn Internet
  48. Keep it on the Download
  49. The Password is 1234
  50. Ctrl Alt Defeat
  51. The Dark Knet
  52. Pretty Little Liars
  53. The Ping in the North
  54. Virus Distribution Center
  55. The Matrix LAN
  56. The Promised LANd
  57. The Signal Whisperer
  58. This is Not a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  59. The Wi-Fi Next Door
  60. The LAN of Milk and Honey
  61. Talk Less, Work More-Fi
  62. The Password is Gullible
  63. You Can’t Connect With Us
  64. The Wi-Fi on the Prairie
  65. Searching…
  66. Click Here for Wi-Fi
  67. WI-FIght the inevitable?
  68. All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
  69. Get Off My LAN!
  70. LAN of the Dead
  71. A Van Down By The River
  72. Trojan Virus Wi-Fi
  73. The Wireless Side of the Moon
  74. IP Freely
  75. It’s a trap!
  76. The Last Jedi-Fi
  77. WinterNet is Coming
  78. The WIFI Awakens
  79. Pikachu Used Thunderbolt!
  80. LAN of the Lost
  81. Life in the Fast LAN
  82. Free Public Wi-Fi
  83. The LAN of Opportunity
  84. Wi-Fi in the Sky
  85. Network of Thrones
  86. Speedy Gonzales Wi-Fi
  87. The Land of Nod
  88. Untrusted Network
  89. A Wi-Fi Has No Name
  90. One Does Not Simply Connect to Wi-Fi
  91. The LAN Before Christmas
  92. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  93. Titanic Syncing
  94. Stop Stealing My Wi-Fi
  95. The Wi-Fi Strikes Back
  96. The Wi-Fi Connection That Must Not Be Named
  97. The LAN of Steel
  98. I’m Not A Robot, But My Wi-Fi Is
  99. Wi-Fi-nally Found You!

I hope these funny wireless network names give you some inspiration for your own Wi-Fi name! Have one that needs to be on the list? Leave a comment and we’ll consider adding it!

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